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Weihnachten 2020

Ein frohes Fest und ein glückliches Jahr 2021 wünscht Ihnen die APK Pensionskasse!

How we run our money

Christian Böhm about dynamic and long-term investment strategy

Investing in alternatives, Europe 2019

Determining strategies and accessing alternative assets in a highly competitive market

Austria Report Jänner 2019

The APK Group has been able to adapt to changes and turn them around. Christian Böhm, CEO of APK Pensionskasse, shares his insights with us:

Austria Report Jan…

Austrian APK smells equity opportunities

Austria’s APK Pensionskasse is poised to increase its allocation to equity in response to buying opportunities that have emerged in recent months.

Pension funds fear ‘Trojan horse’ in EU sustainability measures

German and Austrian retirement providers are concerned that the European Commission’s (EC) efforts to promote sustainability in the capital markets will end in…